Pequannock County?

There was a time when the people of Bloomingdale, which at that time included the north end of Riverdale (“East Bloomingdale”) and most of Butler (“West Bloomingdale”), desired to form a new county. They envisioned taking parts of five counties to form “Pequannock County” — with Bloomingdale as the county seat, of course.

This effort failed, but ultimately Bloomingdale would become an independent borough when Pompton Township was broken up in 1918.

A companion article in the same 1879 newspaper explained why Bloomingdale anticipated a bright future accompanied by both industrial and residential growth.

Otto’s Deli

Otto’s Deli has been a landmark on Glenwild Ave. at Ann Street since the 1960s, as this advertisement will attest. Before that it was Hamburg Turnpike by Vreeland Ave.

The deli was still there, run by a fine fellow named Helmut. I’m told the potato salad is excellent. Have to try it one day when I’m in the neighborhood.

Where was “The Inn”, I wonder?  Share your thoughts in the comments.


Advertisement for Otto's Deli (1965)
Advertisement for Otto’s Deli (1965)


Otto's Deli today
Otto’s Deli (2017)

Bloomingdale’s Municipal Building, then & now

I’m not sure just how long this building served as Bloomingdale’s municipal HQ, but long after a new municipal building was constructed, this one is still in use — and largely unchanged from back then.

Bloomingdale Municipal Building site (2013)
Bloomingdale Municipal Building site (2013)

Bloomingdale Municipal Building site (1940s)
Bloomingdale Municipal Building site (1940s)


Federal Hill, seen from the sky

Federal Hill is well known to history buffs. It was used as a lookout by Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War.  It bore witness to the infamous Pompton Mutiny.

Centuries later, it was the site of a German Bund camp during World War II; more on that later.

Since then, however, it’s been fodder for a quarry. Much of it has been devoured, and what’s left will disappear in time.

Aerial view, Federal Hill (Sept 2016)
Aerial view of Federal Hill, with I-287 running nearby.  (Sept 2016)