Lyon’s Butler Theatre

Lyon’s Theatre sits on lower Arch Street, near the Bloomingdale border. Most folk just called it Butler Theatre.  Can’t say I know much about this place, but I’m sure it was the place to be on a Friday night. I wonder what movies they showed? According to the Facebook Butler page, King Hiller — who owned […]

Butler NJ

This is the town that rubber built. Butler was a sleepy town originally known as ‘West Bloomingdale’ in the early 1800s. There was some industry — notably, a small rubber mill operating on the river — but things started to cook when Richard Butler came to town. He took ownership of the Butler Hard Rubber […]

The Cleary building

This building, on the corner of Boonton Ave. and Kiel Ave., started out as Cleary’s Department Store early in the 20th Century.  It also served as the town’s post office after the Clearys moved to a different location. Note the unpaved roads, which became quite messy in wet weather. Just past it is Cleary’s Grocery Market.  Across […]

Pequannock in 1887

Here’s what Pequannock looked like in 1887. It was much larger than today’s 7-square-mile area — it still included Bloomingdale, Butler, Kinnelon, and Lincoln Park. Jefferson had split off in 1804, Rockaway Township in 1844, and Boonton and Montville took their leave in 1867. Butler kicked off the 20th Century by declaring itself a new borough […]

Newfoundland NJ

Newfoundland, NJ, was — I suppose it still is — a quaint little village between such ‘large’ towns as Butler and West Milford.  In the early days, it was barely a stagecoach stop heading from here to there. As the roads were improved, though, and later as the railroad line was built, city folk from […]

Bloomingdale NJ

Bloomingdale was originally part of Pompton Township, which itself was incorporated in 1798 in Passaic County NJ.  It encompassed the Village of Pompton (now Pompton Lakes) as well as what is now Bloomingdale, Ringwood, Wanaque, and West Milford. Over time, the various areas broke off to form their separate townships; Bloomingdale went its way in […]

The Towns…

These are my primary areas of interest. I’ll add others, no doubt. Bloomingdale NJ Butler NJ Jefferson Twp. (including Milton and Oak Ridge) Newfoundland NJ Pequannock Twp. NJ (Pequannock & Pompton Plains) Pompton — that is, Pompton Lakes & Pompton Twp NJ Riverdale NJ Wayne Twp. NJ West Milford, NJ Miscellany – Other items of […]